Sparring equipment.

From the 1st February there are changes to equipment required for sparring.

White up to Yellow Belt (10th – 8th Kup)
Mandatory – Head Guard and Gum Shield.
Contact Level – Zero.
The rest of the equipment is still recommended.
Green Stripe upwards (7th Kup on)
Standard WTF equipment will be mandatory in sparring practice.
Contact Level – Semi contact for under 18’s. Full contact is only for over 18’s and only if agreed (if not semi contact).

Full contact is available when you go to external competitions for all grades.

“Padding up” is for your protection. You are expected to bring it every lesson.

Sparring is a big part of Taekwondo and it is essential that you invest in your training.

Any equipment you purchase through the club, makes the club extra revenue. This enables the club to replace worn out and get new equipment. If you choose to buy direct, all we ask is that all equipment is WTF approved or you will not be permitted to use it.

We will be putting a club order in very soon, this will enable you to benefit from some discount of RRP using our clubs buying power. Order forms will be handed out during lessons.

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